Loaded GAN discriminator does not recognize anything

Hey everyone!

I’m training a GAN to make some experiments with the discriminator. For that reason, I save the checkpoint of the discriminator and generator each epoch using

    # do checkpointing
    torch.save(generator.state_dict(), '%s/generator_epoch_{}.pth'.format(str(log_epoch)) % (checkpointdir))
    torch.save(discriminator.state_dict(), '%s/discriminator_epoch_{}.pth'.format(str(log_epoch)) % (checkpointdir))

as recommended. Now after training I’m loading the discriminator to do my experiments with it, but no matter which epoch, it fails to recognize any image I’m feeding it as real. I use the same network as the one I trained with (otherwise it would give me an error anyway, wouldn’t it?).
I do the loading as

    discriminator = dcgm.DiscriminatorNet(nc=nc, alpha=opt.alpha, ndf=128, ngpu=ngpu)
    dict = torch.load(opt.loadD, map_location='cuda:0' if torch.cuda.is_available() else 'cpu')

I have logged the discriminators output during the run, and it is able to discriminate just as it should. The generator also learns as it’s supposed to, and I can generate images using the loaded checkpoint.
I’ve actually had the same issue with my generator, which I still have not logically resolved, it just started working with a different run.
I’m starting to get pretty desperate at this point!
Additional information:
I’m training on Pytorch 0.4.1 and loading on Pytorch 0.4.0.
The batch norm parameters are removed while loading like this:

    if torch.__version__ == '0.4.0':
        del dict['net.1.bn2.num_batches_tracked']
        as many as it needs


Is your model working properly in 0.4.1 or newer versions?

Hey, thanks for the answer!
It was not, but I found this post by Soumith Chintala

which does greatly improve the performance!