Make command does nothing in the tutorial to load TorchScript

I am following this tutorial and I have the same structure as in the tutorial. However, near the end when I type the make command nothing happens. My file example-app.cpp is the same as in the tutorial and the CMakeLists.txt is the same also. This is a picture of my terminal

Is there something to install because i have the compiler and everything so I do not see what is missing in my installation.

I would expect this to happens when I type “make” so I could execute the program.

What is ls showing in this folder?
There should be some generated cmake files as well as the Makefile, which should build the application via make or cmake --build . --config Release.

This is whats in my folder but still when I execute the command you just said nothing happens… I do not think my traced_network should be the problem since I did not use it at this point…

If you need more information please tell me. My example-app.cpp is copy-pasted from the tutorial like my CMakeLists.txt was there any change to make in those file? Maybe thats my error?

Do you get any output, if you run make?
I rebuilt the tutorial yesterday and don’t know, why you don’t get any output.

Hi sorry for answering late, I’ve been pretty busy this week.

Here is what happened when I call make

I really don’t know what else to do…
Would it help you if I show you my MakeFile?

Well I started the project in another folder and it worked instantly. No clue why it would not work before. Anyway thanks for the help!