Making it easy for forum users to contribute

@ Forum Admins:
You can install the following Discourse theme-component, which will add a field called “Unanswered” to the forum:

This will help the new contributors find all the questions that they can answer to start contributing.

The above component will also help to find unanswered questions category-wise (like nlp or vision or c++)

To emphasize why it might be important, I just did the following search filter to find all unattended queries:

There seems to be a large number of questions unanswered!

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Thanks for the feedback. :slight_smile:
@albanD added the “solved/unsolved” filter in the main page.

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Great, Thanks. :slight_smile:

But what I had suggested was “Unanswered”, not “Solved/Unsolved”.
The latter requires the OP to mark any response to his topic as the “solution” so that it is moved from “Unsolved”->“Solved” status, which most do not do. Hence it is very likely that even answered topics fall under “Unsolved”.

The former helps to find orphaned topics which doesn’t even have one reply.

Thanks for the clarification. This should be possible, if you use the advanced options, leave the search box empty and select “Where topics - have zero replies”:

or put status:noreplies in the search box.

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