Manipulate 3D CT DICOM image

Hi everyone,
I have a simple question,
If I have 3D CT image DICOM, there is a way to slice it to 2d images (in PyTorch, I build a regular function in python)?

And I want to take this 3D image and to do manipulation and after that to slice it again (for data augmentation). How can I do that? what is the simple way to manipulate a 3D CT image (DICOM)?

It depends a bit how you are loading the data.
If you can create a 3D tensor of the DICOM volume, you should be able to slice the tensor directly.
However, if seems you would like to apply some data augmentation on the volume directly.
If that’s the case, have a look at MONAI which provides some processing and augmentation techniques for medical data.

Thanks a lot for your help!