Mobile NVIDIA RTX A5500 compatibility

Can the NVIDIA RTX A5500 laptop graphics card be used to work with PyTorch?

I checked the official NVIDIA documentation and I found that the last CUDA-Enabled NVIDIA RTX Mobile GPU is RTX A5000 - therefore, I wonder if this card is compatible with CUDA and CuDNN versions so that it can be used for neural network training?

I will be grateful for any advice.

Yes, the RTX A5500 is an Ampere GPU with compute capability 8.6 and is supported in all of our current stable and nightly binary builds.

Will these cards be compatible in both desktop and mobile versions?
What is the reason that they are not on the official Nvidia website?

There is no difference in compute capability between workstation and mobile GPUs. I’m not sure what exactly you are looking for, but here is the link to the product.

I am looking for Mobile RTX A5500 and the problem was that I couldn’t find this GPU here:

So I wasn’t sure if this card would be CUDA compatible and I could use it for AI in PyTorch. Just to make sure again - this card (Mobile RTX A5500) will be CUDA compatible?

yes i got same problem , installed cuda 12.1 but not worked