Model zoo categories

Hi guys, where is the category file list for the models pre-trained in the ZOO?
We will need to upload that in order to use the model, right?

i’m not sure i understand your question

the list of category names that correspond to each of the output neurons of CNN. Even for ImageNet, they need to specified.

I think what is missing is a dictionary or so mapping the model output to something meaningful. I.e., right now, the network would return integer labels right? Say I use the model to do predictions on some (the same or different) dataset, how would I know what object an output of e.g., 23 corresponds to?

The indices of the dataset are in alphabetical order thanks to this line in the FolderDataset.
Thus, we only need the map from the folder names to the classes, which can be found for example in this file, and is already in alphabetical order as well.

@fmassa thanks a lot, but does not work for me:
I am not getting the right categories…

@Eugenio_Culurciello I believe the categories.txt file does not contain the categories in the right order. The order should be the one present in the syncet_words from here.
The alphabetical ordering I mentioned correspond to the syncet names (n01440764 etc), and not the category names.

@fmassa thanks a lot, got it, now all works, thank you!