Mps does not work with projects using Torchtext

Hi Pytorch,

Great work everybody to bring Pytorch to Mac M1s! I am working on a text classification problem.
I installed a nightly version of Pytorch to use mps backend. However, I can only install the version 0.12.0 of torchtext and which throws the error of

ImportError: Symbol not found

I believe it is because of the version mismatch. I noticed there are wheels available for torchtext version 0.13.0 but sadly not for M1 (arm chip).
Should I wait for the next version of torchtext ?
Or is it another problem?

Thanks in advance.

cc @albanD


Thanks for the report!
This is indeed “expected” today: domain libraries do not provided nightly builds for arm. So you are getting the latest released version which is not binary compatible with a nightly version of torch.

Hope this helps!

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