Multiple digit recognition


I have completed 60 MINUTE BLITZ with PyTorch and have learned how to train a classifier to distinguish between 10 different objects. Also, I have completed tutorial on recognising digits with PyTorch. Since then I have been fascinated by PyTorch and machine learning in general!

I would like to continue my journey to learn more on deep learning, and would like to train a classifier to recognise number/s (multiple digits) in an image? And later may be recognise whole text alphabets and digits.

I am sorry if this is a very noob question, but your help would really help me. How should I go about doing it? Any tutorials or suggestion are appreciated!

I know how to recognise a single digit in an image. For example this image can be recognised as 4.

But how can this single image with multiple digits be recognised this as 504:

Thank you!

Try this… Go through the notebooks that people have shared.