My output prediction is always the same

Hi everyone, I have a problem. Im trying to do a model(Linear Regression Multivariable) but always it predicts the same result. My model works for one variable with a toy Data set.But When I put the Data of 3 variables It breaks.

I really need your help. My code is here. Don’t pay attention to the first part because the only thing that they do is prepare the data. I think the problem is in the model.

Thank you

If it is predicting the same results, then your training phase is not learning anything. Make sure your training hyperparameters are suitable, and no bugs present in data being fed to regression model.

Hi, the problem is that my model works for a input of one parameter… I change the input size and doesn’t learn anything…so what is the problem?

You can start with the example regression code here:

Once you get official example to work, then start modifying it for your project. It will be hard to get someone else to debug your program.

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