My torch program runs very slowly,please help me

The training data is floating point. The epoches is set to 10000,then jump to custom function. In the function, the batch_num is 95. I set a batch of data to be 29 rows. Each row of data is 20 dimensions. I try to run on 3080. but it is too slow. How can I solve it?

the main func:
for epo in range(epoch):
print(“In iteration: %d” % (epo + 1))
mse_all = model.SAE_GRU_Network(X, Y, U, time_steps, batch_size, hidden_size)
loss = mse_all.cuda()

    print(epo+1, sqrt(mse_all/(batch_size*time_steps*data_dim)))

the SAE_GRU_Network:
def SAE_GRU_Network(self, X, Y, U, time_steps, batch_size, hidden_size):
mse_batch = 0
h0 = torch.zeros(1, hidden_size, device=device)
for i in range(batch_size):
x_input = X[i][0]
mse_steps = 0
h = h0
for j in range(time_steps):
y_target = Y[i][j]
u_input = U[i][j]
h, y_output = self.one_step(h, x_input, u_input)
x_input = y_output
y_true = torch.reshape(y_target, [-1])
y_pred = torch.reshape(y_output, [-1])
mse_steps += torch.sum(torch.square(y_true - y_pred))
mse_batch += mse_steps
return mse_batch

The data type uses float32…To be precise,batch_size is batch_num

I translated it from Chinese. Some parts may be inaccurate, please forgive me

You could profile your code using the profiler or e.g. Nsight Systems to check for bottlenecks and depending on these findings try to speed them up (e.g. the data loading in case your GPU would be waiting for the next data batches to arrive).

Maybe the net I designed is not suitable for GPU. Thank you very much for your kind attention personal response