Named_parameters not working?

class ConditionLayer(nn.Module):
    def __init__(self, layer_template, layer_name):
        super(ConditionLayer, self).__init__()
        self.layer_template = layer_template
        self.layer_name = layer_name

    def set_params(self, cout, cin=None, height= None, width = None):
        self.cout = cout
        self.cin = cin
        if height is not None:
            self.height  = height
            self.width   = width
            self.spatial = height * width
            self.spatial = None

        self.M_o = nn.Parameter(torch.eye(self.cout)).cuda()

        if self.cin is not None:
            self.M_i = nn.Parameter(torch.eye(self.cin)).cuda()

        if self.spatial is not None:
            self.M_f = nn.Parameter(torch.eye(self.spatial)).cuda()

    def forward(self,x):
        x_ =x
        if self.spatial is not None:
            x = x.permute(2,3,0,1)
            x = x.view(-1,self.cout,self.cin)
            x = x.view(-1,self.cout*self.cin)
            x = torch.matmul(self.M_f,x)
            x = x.view(self.spatial,self.cout,self.cin)
            x = x.view(self.height, self.width, self.cout, self.cin)
            x = x.permute(2,3,0,1)

        if self.cin is not None:
            x = x.transpose(1,0).contiguous()
            x = x.view(self.cin,-1)
            x = torch.matmul(self.M_i,x)
            if self.spatial is not None:
                x = x.view(self.cin, self.cout, self.height, self.width)
                x = x.view(self.cin,self.cout)
            x = x.transpose(1,0).contiguous()

        x = x.view(self.cout, -1)
        x = torch.matmul(self.M_o,x)
        x = x.view(*x_.shape)
        return x

class Preconditioner(nn.Module):
    def __init__(self, model_template, optimizer=None, step_size=0.1,
                 learn_step_size=False, per_param_step_size=False,

        super(Preconditioner, self).__init__()
        self.model_template = model_template

    def init_parameters(self):
        self.condition_layer_obj = {}
        for key in self.model_template.keys():
            self.condition_layer_obj[key] = ConditionLayer(self.model_template[key], key)

    def forward(self,grad):

        preconditioned_grad = OrderedDict()
        for layer_name in grad.keys():
            preconditioned_grad[layer_name] = self.condition_layer_obj[layer_name](grad[layer_name])

        return preconditioned_grad

The above snippet creates a class Preconditioner (which inherits nn.Module), in the fucntion init_parameters, we create a dictionary, which stores objects of the class ConditionalLayer, where in we create trainable parameters self.M_o, self.M_i, self.M_f, but Preconditioner.named_parameters() returns an empty iterator, shouldnt it return the trainable params ?

Any help would be much appreciated, thanks!

Python lists and dicts won’t properly register submodules and parameters, so you should use nn.ModuleList, nn.ModuleDict, nn.ParameterList, or nn.ParameterDict` instead.

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