Nan in backward() if prod() is used

In torch.autograd._functions.reduce

class Prod was implemented in a way that it produces nan gradient when zeros value is given.
Beginning with the product of all input, the gradient is calculated by dividing that product by each input entry.

When input entry is zero, this method returns ‘nan’ gradient.

By replacing backward() function of Prod() class with

    if self.dim is None:
        input, = self.saved_tensors
        zero_loc = (input==0).nonzero()
        if zero_loc.dim() == 0:
            grad_input =
            return grad_input.div(input)
        elif zero_loc.size()[0] > 1:
            grad_input =
            indexing_tuple = tuple(zero_loc[0].numpy())
            input_copy =
            input_copy[indexing_tuple] = 1.0
            grad_input[indexing_tuple] =
            return grad_input
        input, output = self.saved_tensors
        input_copy =
        input_copy[input == 0] = 1.0

        repeats = [1 for _ in self.input_size]
        repeats[self.dim] = self.input_size[self.dim]
        output_zero_cnt = (input == 0).sum(self.dim)
        output_one_zero_ind = (output_zero_cnt == 1).nonzero()
        grad_input = output.mul(grad_output)
        grad_input[output_zero_cnt > 0] = 0.0
        grad_input = grad_input.repeat(*repeats).div_(input_copy)
        if output_one_zero_ind.dim() == 0:
            return grad_input

        for i in range(output_one_zero_ind.size()[0]):
            if output_one_zero_ind.is_cuda:
                output_one_zero_vec_ind = tuple(output_one_zero_ind[i].cpu().numpy())
                output_one_zero_vec_ind = tuple(output_one_zero_ind[i].numpy())
            output_one_zero_vec_indexing = output_one_zero_vec_ind[:self.dim] + (slice(0, None),) + output_one_zero_vec_ind[self.dim+1:]
            output_one_zero_vec =[self.dim]).fill_(0)
            output_one_zero_vec[(output_one_zero_vec==0).nonzero()[0, 0]] = 1.0
            grad_input[output_one_zero_vec_ind] = if output_one_zero_vec.numel()>1 else 1.0
        return grad_input

nan in Prod.backward() is solved.
Naming is bad but it works.

It would be better this modification is reflected in the next release.

Thanks, we’ll improve the formula.

Previous code only worked for 2 dim tensor.

I modified it to make it work for n dim tensor.

If prod() is used to a tensor T where T.numel()==1
this returns ‘inf’

This should be solved.

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