Network digital twin for cybersecurity

Hi all,
for a text work of mine I am trying to do a project based on generating digital twin of networks. My goal is to create a digital twin of a network and then work on it from a cyber security point of view. I will briefly explain what I would like to do.
I am currently using software for network vulnerability scans (OpenVAS). I use this software to perform network vulnerability scans at the network level, so basically to OpenVAS I pass a network (for example 192.168.xx.xx/24) to automatically identify all the vulnerabilities that are there.
The next step ( what I’d like to do and that’s why I’m asking for your advice) is to create a digital twin of the newly scanned network and then perform a penetration test on this digital twin of the network, without going to stress the actual network.
Ideally, I would like to pass the output of the OpenVAS vulnerability scans, routing rules, and firewall rules to some tool that will then generate for me the digital twin of the network, which will then be used for offensive cybersecurity, so exploits, privilege escalation, etc… will be tested on this digital twin without worrying about breaking some kind of service or stressing the real network.
What I am asking is, do you know of any tool that would do the trick for me? So some tool that allows me to generate a digital twin of a network by providing as input vulnerability scans (xml,json,csv etc…), routing rules, firewall rules, pcap traces etc…
Do you have any references or documentation?
Are you aware of any open source tools?
I thank you for your helpfulness!

It seems your question is unrelated to PyTorch so you might want to ask it in another discussion board.