New Beginner has a simple question

I’m a new beginner for PyTorch. I have a question about the example CIFAR10 in
Is there 50,000 train images and 10,000 test images in CIFAR10? why in this example, using the model in the training set for 2 epoch, the program shows 12,000 for each epoch? Can someone give me some answer?Thank you very much!

It should not show 12,000 but 12,500. In the tutorial the batchsize is set to 4 and the loader gives the number of batches not the number of samples as it’s length. therefore you have 50,000 train images divided by batchsize 4 = 12,500 batches.

OK,I understand it. I made a mistake. It does shows the number of batches but not the samples. Thank you very much!:joy::grin: