[newbie] how to copy the value of torch::Tensor to another torch::Tensor

torch::Tensor t0 = torch::zeros(1);
torch::Tensor t1 = torch::ones(1);
t1 = t0.detach().clone();//does not work
t1 = t0.clone();//does not work
t1 = t0.detach();//does not work
t1 = t0.clone().detach();//does not work
t1.data().copy(t0.data());//does not compile
t1.data() = t0.data();//does not compile
t1.data_ptr() = t0.data();//does not compile
t1.data_ptr() = *t0.data_ptr();//does not compile

t1 = t0 //works but i can't verify if it copies the data or the reference		
assert((t1 == t0).item<bool>());//Verify that copy was succefull

this code:

torch::Tensor t0 = torch::zeros(1);
torch::Tensor t1 = torch::ones(1);
t1 = t0.detach().clone();

std::cout << (t1 == t0).item<bool>() << std::endl;

outputs: 1
Doesn’t it mean it works ?

it does …
must have made some typo along the way

:joy: sure, friday night, we’re all drunk

if that works why doesn’t this

		const int input_nodes = 20, output_nodes=1, hidden_count = 1;
		Net nn (input_nodes, output_nodes, hidden_count);
		Net nn1 (input_nodes, output_nodes, hidden_count);
		for (size_t i = 0; i < nn.parameters().size(); i++ ){
			//torch::Tensor t = nn.parameters()[i].detach().clone();
			nn1.parameters()[i] = nn.parameters()[i].detach().clone();
		torch::Tensor input = torch::rand({1,input_nodes});
		assert((nn.forward(input) == nn1.forward(input)).item<bool>());

Net is a standard torch::nn::module

struct Net : torch::nn::Module {
	Net(int numIn, int numOut, int numHid, const size_t hid_count=1) {
		assert(hid_count >= 1);
		first = register_parameter("inputW", torch::rand({numIn, numHid}))/numHid;
		middle = new torch::Tensor[hid_count-1];
		for (int i = 1; i != hid_count; i++)
			middle[i] = register_parameter("hidW"+std::to_string(i), torch::rand({numHid, numHid}))/numHid;
		last = register_parameter("outputW", torch::rand({numHid, numOut}))/numOut;
		h_c = hid_count;
		n_h = numHid;
	torch::Tensor forward(torch::Tensor input) {
		torch::Tensor output_layer,h;
		h = (torch::mm(input, first));
		for (int i = 1; i != h_c; i++)
			h = torch::sigmoid(torch::mm(h, middle[i]));
		output_layer = (torch::mm(h, last));
		return output_layer;
	torch::Tensor first, last, *middle;
	size_t h_c, n_h;

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