Nightly Build Release Notes

Where can I find the release notes, or documentation on the latest updates, for the PyTorch nightly build?


There are no daily release notes for nightly builds, but you could check the commit history before the branch was cut.


Looking at [DO NOT DELETE OR MERGE] Nightly release by ezyang · Pull Request #26921 · pytorch/pytorch · GitHub it seems like not all commits are included in the nightlies?

I don’t really understand either why GitHub - pytorch/pytorch at nightly is some commits ahead of master.

I don’t know how the nightly branch gets updated, but I would guess it might pick a “stable” commit from the trunk to avoid releasing “broken” binaries. @malfet might know how the branch gets updated with more details.

Aggregated daily commits a pushed to the nightly branch. Since those commits are missing in trunk, GitHub thinks that it is ahead of it, though in reality it’s always behind.

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@ptrblck @malfet Thanks a lot for your answer!

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