No response when creating model

I’m using JupyterLab excute my ipynb file. here is the code:

When it exectues this line of code, it can not proceed.

I don’t know why.

model = Model(2, 1)

Which PyTorch version are you using? Have you updated it recently or changed something else on your system?

Torch version is 1.1.0, I didn’t change anything. The code can work in Colab, but not on my MAC.

Was the code working before on your MAC?
Could you create a new conda environment and install the latest release (1.3.0)?

This is the first time I run this code, I am upgrading my torch to 1.3.0, after I tied on 1.3.0, I will reply you.

@ptrblck Wow! It worked on 1.3.0, thank you very much!