Non-broadcasting Hadamard product?

I often use Hadamard products, which I currently implement using * operator. However, my views are often incorrect, causing some sort of Cartesian-style product, eg if I want to Hadamard product two vectors of length 128, I end up with a matrix of size 128 x 128.

Of course, as soon as I notice this, I can fix it by putting on an appropriate view, but I make this mistake all the time :stuck_out_tongue: so I end up putting in print statements before and after every Hadamard product to check I’m not doing this silly thing.

Is there some existing Hadamard/per-element multiplication function that does not allow broadcasting?

Edit: for now, I’ve just created a bespoke function

def Hadamard(one, two):
    if one.size() != two.size():
        raise Exception('size mismatch %s vs %s' % (str(list(one.size())), str(list(two.size()))))
    res = one * two
    assert res.numel() == one.numel()
    return res

You could try using one.view_as(two) instead to ensure that both one and two have the same shape.

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Thats a pretty good idea :slight_smile: