Non-tehnical question regarding PyTorch branding


I’m part of a newly-opened AI educational center in Croatia. In our educational program we focus on PyTorch for various DL tasks, as we wish for our students to really learn the right tools for the job (I’m a PyTorch man myself…)

Our AI incubator is in its finishing stages, and I started to visualise the interior design and explored what I could to to make the place feel related to the theme of AI. Usually, I’d be against brand placement, but it really seems that all of us actually endorse certain brands when it comes to programming and AI.

Would it be considered legally troublesome if we were to print out a couple of PyTorch logos and used them in decorating? Is there a document containing graphic standards? Is there maybe some official merch to look at?

Or better yet - if there’s someone who deals with this kind of stuff, please contact me freely:
I’ve tried to find a contact but to no avail

Thank you : )

CC @jspisak who might know more about these licensing issues :slight_smile:

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