Not sufficiently precise base_grid for torch.nn.functional.grid_sample?


I’ve noticed that for sufficiently high resolution of images (e.g. full HD) I cannot get a good enough “identity grid” using torch.float32 precision, code below.

Posting here:

  1. to give a heads up to others
  2. to double check - am I right this just a numerical precision issue?

I saw @bnehoran mention in the issue on github

Allow option for sampling using only the residual displacement/flow. Eliminates the need to constantly add an identity grid to the flow/displacement field, which is imprecise, slow, and very prone to user error.

If what I’m seeing is what I think I’m seeing it would be a pretty good motivation to add a function which just takes residual displacement as input.


import torch.nn.functional as F

W = 1920
H = 1080
shape = [1, 1, H, W]

dtype = torch.float

x_prev = torch.zeros(shape, dtype=dtype)
x_prev[..., :, 0, 0] = 1.

x_next_expected = x_prev.clone()

base_grid = torch.stack((torch.linspace(-1, 1, W, dtype=dtype).unsqueeze(0).repeat(H, 1),
                         torch.linspace(-1, 1, H, dtype=dtype).unsqueeze(-1).repeat(1, W),), dim=-1)
base_grid = base_grid.unsqueeze(0)

x_next = F.grid_sample(x_prev, base_grid, align_corners=True)

print((x_next_expected - x_next).abs().sum())
print(x_next[..., :2, :2])
print(x_next_expected[..., :2, :2])
print(x_next[..., :2, :2] - x_next_expected[..., :2, :2])

assert torch.allclose(x_next_expected, x_next)

To me it looks like the expectation is implicitly like align_corners=True but you don’t pass that to grid_sample.
At least I get an error of 0.75 with your code and 2.134e-5 when adding align_corners=True.

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I meant with align_corners=True, I’ll update the code.
Also, isn’t align_corners=True the default as of v1.3? I know it’s going to default to align_corners=False in v1.4.


Yeah well, then you have to code up the function that computes without the identity grid.

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