Not understanding the logic in RMS-prop implementation

In the implementation of RMSprop, there is a line as follows

square_avg = state['square_avg']
square_avg.mul_(alpha).addcmul_(1 - alpha, grad, grad)


if group['centered']:
                    grad_avg = state['grad_avg']
                    grad_avg.mul_(alpha).add_(1 - alpha, grad)
                    avg = square_avg.addcmul(-1, grad_avg, grad_avg).sqrt().add_(group['eps'])
                    avg = square_avg.sqrt().add_(group['eps'])

Won’t the operation avg = square_avg.sqrt().add_(group['eps']) update the variable in state['square_avg'] in-place? Shouldn’t we instead use ..add(group['eps'])?

EDIT : I see, the .sqrt() operator assigns new memory. nevermind.