Object Detection no results after training

Hi there,
I would like to train a model on my own data to detect animals. The model is doing the training but if i visualize a prediction after taining the picture of the prediction is black everywhere.
Before the training was running I got the error that the koordinate of my bounding boxes are not korrekt. xmin was higher than xmax. To solve that problem i check wether the xmin value is smaller than the xmax value. I noticed that I have a lot of values where xmin=xmax and ymin=ymax. Do you know why this happend?
Do you have any idea why my model does not predict anything?

If I ignore the error and do not check if the xmin value ist smaller than the xmax value, i can train the model until the error. If I do a prediction then, i get a prediction, which is not very nice, but I get something.
Thanks for your help.

There is a bug in the labelling process as per your message. Plot the data before training to see if the bounding boxes are correct without using any if checks.

How do I print my picture with the boxes?

Use matplotlib. Draw lines between (xmin,ymin) and (xmax,ymax).