Object detector uisng Glow

HI All,

I am planning to port MObilenetV2 SSD object detector using GLOW on my RK3399 ARM64 board.
Can anyone guide me to relevant document/sample code on porting a detector using GLOW,
I have converted mobilenet ssd .pth model to .onnx model. Now want to use this ONNX model using GLOW

Pallab Sarkar

Hi @palcode – I believe this will require supporting a new loader, likely somewhat similar to our existing image-classifier. Additionally, there may be operators that Glow and/or our ONNX importer do not support, so you would need to add support there, e.g. see this doc on adding new ops.

We definitely welcome contributions – if you’d like to add support for the model to Glow feel free to open an issue to track it, as well as open PRs with any relevant changes to complete the issue. Thanks!