Obtain probabilities from cross entropy loss

I’m doing binary classification, however used categorical cross entropy loss rather than binary to train my model (I believe this is ok as results appear to be normal).

Using a saved model, during inference however, I would like to obtain class probabilities for the outputs from the model.

I believe logits are output first. I then pass them through a softmax layer before selecting the top probability/predicted class.

Does this look correct?

outputs =  model(inputs) # obtain logits
soft_outputs = torch.nn.functional.softmax(outputs, dim=1) #pass through softmax
top_p, top_class = soft_outputs.topk(1, dim = 1) # select top probability as prediction

Yes, your usage of softmax looks correct, but note that the topk results will be the same using the logits or probabilities since softmax does not change the order of the logits.

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Ah ok, yes, I basically wanted to know the most likely predicted class and it’s associated probability score.

It appears that the above predicted class is the same as when I predict the class label like this:

_, pred = torch.max(outputs, 1)

From my understanding, the size of the logits are related to the probability score…

Yes, torch.argmax on the logit outputs will return the same predicted class indices as when it’s applied on the probabilities (i.e. softmax outputs). However, if you want to “see” the probabilities, then you can of course apply the additional softmax. Just make sure to not pass these probabilities to e.g. nn.CrossEntropyLoss during training as this criterion expects logits.

Yes, the size of the logits and probabilities corresponds to the number of predicted classes as [batch_size, nb_classes, *].

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