Official Docker Image

Is there an official docker image for PyTorch on DockerHub?

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no, but we do provide an official Dockerfile:

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Hello @smth, this is really confusing.

Who’s behind then if not PyTorch developers?
And if things changed recently, what makes you guys decide to push new images to that registry?

@gpakosz we have control of that registry, but we haven’t committed to actually doing release pushes onto it.

Thanks for your reply @smth. I’m crossing fingers you’ll push 1.0 there, and eventually decide to push on a regular basis as it makes things easy for us imho🤞

What is the relationship between the official docker file and the pytorch image on docker hub? Is the hub entry created using the official docker file?

I have been meaning to ask this as well.

for now I am using a tensorflow image and building upon this to equip it with pytorch abilities. But there should be a more natural way