Official Docker Image

Is there an official docker image for PyTorch on DockerHub?

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no, but we do provide an official Dockerfile:

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Hello @smth, this is really confusing.

Who’s behind then if not PyTorch developers?
And if things changed recently, what makes you guys decide to push new images to that registry?

@gpakosz we have control of that registry, but we haven’t committed to actually doing release pushes onto it.

Thanks for your reply @smth. I’m crossing fingers you’ll push 1.0 there, and eventually decide to push on a regular basis as it makes things easy for us imho🤞

What is the relationship between the official docker file and the pytorch image on docker hub? Is the hub entry created using the official docker file?

I have been meaning to ask this as well.

for now I am using a tensorflow image and building upon this to equip it with pytorch abilities. But there should be a more natural way

I’m a bit confused about the intended way to consume recent pytorch versions. As of this writing:

  • On pytorch dot org I can download v1.10.2.
  • On Docker Hub the “latest” tag was pushed 4 months ago and contains 1.10.0.
  • makes it sound like docker images are built for more or less every single commit. But where are those images? Are they externally accessible?

For a host of reasons we use the published docker images, but really need to access 1.10.2. How can we achieve that? Thanks!

#70881 most likely targets the CI docker containers used to run unit tests.
You could use the provided Dockerfile and rebuild PyTorch 1.10.2 inside it manually if you need this version asap.