Older non-CUDA Version Needed

I am trying to run a particular model (DeblurGAN) and I am running into version problems. It seems that the model won’t run with the latest version of Pytorch, but I can’t seem to install version 0.3.1 in a non-CUDA version. I keep getting the unsupported wheel using variants of "pip install http://download.pytorch.org/whl/cpu/torch-0.3.1-cp27-cp27m-win_amd64.whl ". I checked the downloads page, but I don’t see any non-CUDA 0.3.1 versions. What am I missing?

The easiest way would be to install it with conda via

conda install pytorch=0.3.1 -c soumith

EDIT: Additionally the website states:

I want to install PyTorch 0.3.1 for old project,
Is there any alternative way to install? Because I checked it online, they already remove old version.

You can find the 0.3.1 pip wheels here, but I would strongly encourage you to update the code and to use the latest PyTorch release.

@ptrblck Thank you for your reply. It would be good if you send me the link for it.
And I need this version for Windows 10.

I checked it out what you gave me the link, but I can not find PyTorch 0.3.1 version on it.
I found this version, but I need 0.3.1

conda install pytorch-cpu==1.1.0 torchvision-cpu==0.3.0 cpuonly -c pytorch

The CUDA8.0 pip wheels for Linux and Python3.6 can be downloaded from here:

The pip wheels weren’t built for Windows back then, so you would need to build it from source.
In any case, I would still recommend not to use this ancient PyTorch release and to stick to the latest one.

@ptrblck I would not like to use, but I have one old project and this project was build with PyTorch 0.3.1. That’s why I need this version.


I mention GitHub link, and they mention few dependencies and one of the dependencies was Pytorch 0.3.1.

Yeah, I see. As already mentioned you would have to try to build PyTorch from source using the old version (or might find other (non-official) pip wheels). I would nevertheless try to run the code in the current release and see what is failing. Since I cannot see any setup.py I assume that no build step is needed so you might need to e.g. remove the usage of Variable etc.

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Yes, sure I will try to remove the usage of Variable etc.