One model, input the same data twice, different outputs

I have a model and an input. In the training stage, when I input the same data twice one by one:

output1 = model(inputData)
output2 = model(inputData)

output1 and output2 are completely different. Why?

Hard to say without linking the model code. Dropout maybe?

seed = 8
# add your code below...
  1. In the training stage, do you sure that the model parameters are unchanged?

  2. dropout may have an influence on outputs in the training stage.

Thanks! Yes, there is a dropout layer in my model. Besides, I use an RNN, I guess it maybe another reason.

Thanks! dropout is the reason.

have you try

output1 = model(inputData)
output2 = model(inputData)

dropout only used in training mode, so by changing the model mode to eval, dropout will not be used.