OneCycleLR Learning Rate vs. Optimizer Learning Rate

I am using the OneCycleLR scheduler. It has a max_lr parameter which is the:

Upper learning rate boundaries in the cycle for each parameter group.

I also have an Adam optimizer. This optimizer also has a learning rate.

Will the optimizer’s learning rate be overwritten by the scheduler’s? How do they relate?

I guess the only point of specifying a learning rate in the optimizer is if you do not use any scheduler, in which the learning rate will be constant throughout the training stage, but I am not entirely sure.

Creating the scheduler OneCycleLR will change the learning rate of the optimizer. So, there is not really a point of specifying the learning rate in the optimizer if you use a scheduler, but the optimizer will have a learning rate by default when its created, but it will just be changed if you pass it to a scheduler.

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