Only 100 predictions outputs for "TorchVision Object Detection Finetuning Tutorial""

When I follow the tutorial “” and I make the number of predictions it is only 100? is that due to the setting in pytorch/torchvision, it is not the model?
img, _ =dataset_test[1]# dataset[0]

put the model in evaluation mode


with torch.no_grad():
prediction = model([])

#this only gives a 100, which is not enough for the application I will use it for.

all the 100 predictions have a confidence threshold of above 0.5, so it might be a thresh hold setting?

That might be the case and you could try to change these threshold with these arguments.

Thanks a lot, this was set to 100 by default, which might make sense in most cases.
box_detections_per_img (int): maximum number of detections per image, for all classes.
Initialize the model with, say 500 in this way

kind regards Emil