OpenAI's whisper to mobile

Has anyone been successful in porting OpenAI’s whisper to torchscript?

I have been unable to get jit.script/trace working. I get errors like this:

RuntimeError: Can’t redefine method: forward on class: torch.whisper.model.Conv1d

Strangely, I was able to convert the .pt model translated to tflite, but I don’t know (yet) if that works.

Looking for the same solutions :raised_hand:

Is there more detail to this message?

I’ve managed to do so (it required quite a few changes), but I’m unable to publish it currently due to IP.
You guys think there’s a demand for that?

Yes, please. What’s the IP issue?

IP as in intellectual property, I’m just unable to publish it. I’m trying to understand if it’s an interesting enough problem so it that it worths publishing