Output values are different when eval() mode


When I do following, o1 and o3 are different (Isn’t it should be the same values?)

  • Model contains only BatchNorm2d
  • If model is not updated in train mode (like below, no optimizer step), I think o1 and o3 should be same.
  • o2 can be different from o1/o3 due to BatchNorm2d
  • When is it possible o1 and o3 different ? (I think I did something wrong, but I can’t still figure it out)


x = torch.randn(1,3,224,224)

model = Model()

o1 = model(x)

o2 = model(x)

o3 = model(x)

The outputs are computes as:

  • o1 will be computed using the running stats from batchnorm layers to normalize the corresponding input activations.
  • o2 will be computed using the activation stats in batchnorm layers to normalize the input activations. The running stats of batchnorm layers will be updated.
  • o3 will use the same approach as o1, but with the updated running stats from the previous forward pass.

Let me know, if this clarifies the use case.

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Yes, I think you are right.
I didn’t catch the batch norm running stats would be updated at forward pass.
So, o1 and o3 surely different due to updated batchnorm statistics at o2.