Pixel size change using MONAI


I am working with 3d CT images. I am trying to change pixel dimension from [1 1.36 1.36 1.36] to [1 1 1 1] using MONAI package. I used : Spacingd(keys=[“image”, “label”], pixdim=(1, 1, 1), mode=(“bilinear”, “nearest”))
When I print pixel dimension using : print(f" :\n{data_dict[‘image_meta_dict’][‘pixdim’]}"), the output is still [1 1.36 1.36 1.36] while the affine matrix reflects the new pixel size. Would appreciate any comments on this…

Hi! those transforms currently only rely on the “affine” key to track the coordinate system changes, ‘pixdim’ is not directly used at the moment.