Production: Caffe2 vs. C++ API

It was said that Caffe2 and PyTorch are merging together for easier production deployment. However in PyTorch conference yesterday it seems the newly introduced C++ API will be used for production instead of converting model to Caffe2. I was wondering what’s the relationship between Caffe2 and C++ API? Specifically,

  1. Will Caffe2 be part of the C++ API, and/or will Caffe2 be (sort of) deprecated?
  2. In the future, which one is considered better to use for production deployment. Caffe2 or C++ API?


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I have the same questions!
I can see a C++ tutorial for Caffe2, but there is LibTorch. Are them merging? If I need to pick one for production today, what’s the recommendation?
Also, I feel a lack of documentation/information about this in both Caffe2 and PyTorch websites.


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