Projector tab is blank in Tensorboard (no checkpoint was found)

I’m trying to visualize embeddings per epoch. But the Projector page shows this -

The text is as follows -

No checkpoint was found.

Probable causes:

    No checkpoint has been saved yet. Please refresh the page periodically.
    You are not saving any checkpoint. To save your model, create a tf.train.Saver and save your model periodically by calling, LOG_DIR/model.ckpt, step).

If you’re new to using TensorBoard, and want to find out how to add data and set up your event files, check out the README and perhaps the TensorBoard tutorial.

If you think TensorBoard is configured properly, please see the section of the README devoted to missing data problems and consider filing an issue on GitHub.

Graphs/Scalar/Histogram/Images all work fine. Only embedding does not.

To simplify things, I use the following to generate an embedding inside my training loop; still did not work.

for e in epochs:
    writer.add_embedding(torch.randn(100, 5), global_step=e)

What am I missing here?

Restart the tensorboard, and you will see it, as that projector loading is not dynamic. It will only show the embedding writed into logdir before you start tensorboard cli.

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