Prospects for running pytorch / cuda on a laptop with an external gpu?

Hello Forum!

Are things likely to go smoothly if I try to run pytorch on an external
gpu on a laptop? (Assume recent mainstream hardware.) Or are
things likely to be finicky or not work?

Would I expect to be able to download a pre-built version of
pytorch? I imagine that matching my gpu, os, and cuda version
should be enough, and that pytorch will neither know nor care
that the gpu is external. Is this right?

As I understand it, external gpus are typically connected through
a thunderbolt port. Would I expect to get (nearly) full gpu
performance, or would the thunderbolt port introduce some kind
of bottleneck?

And, of course, if anyone has actually done this, what hardware
and os did you have success with, and did you encounter any
noteworthy problems?

Thanks for any advice!

K. Frank