Public Art Sculpture Collaboration Opportunity


My name is Tyler Cochran, I’m a sculpture artist working in Seattle, WA USA, with the John Grade Sculpture organization, a collective of artists who make large scale public art installation sculptures in the United States, and abroad. Some of our work can be seen at our website:

We are beginning the initial planning stage for a large (approximately 60 feet in height) project to be permanently installed in Facebook’s (Meta’s) new high rise construction in downtown Seattle, WA.

Our intention is to produce a sculpture in wood that represents a waterfall, whose visual aspects are hybridized with those of water streams affected by 40hz sound waves, similar to this: Amazing Water & Sound Experiment #2 - YouTube

We are also interested in exploring possibilities to utilize some of our digital assets as NFTs. Currently, our viewers and followers have no means by which to contribute or obtain ownership of our work, the scale and cost make that prohibitive. We believe there are important possibilities to explore in this area: to create greater impact for our viewers, broaden our audience, increase viewer involvement, and to generate content with less environmental impact. This also has implications for future VR and AR interactions.

We are hoping to utilize machine learning and PyTorch to help us create, combine, and then 3D model this sculpture, but we lack expertise in these areas. Our hope is that we may be able to find a collaborator with this kind of expertise, and possibly use it as an opportunity to deepen our partnership with Meta, helping one another to more fully realize some of our goals as they relate to this project. This is an opportunity for exposure to the realm of art and creativity, as well as to be a contributing member in a large public sculpture installation with a large audience, and meaningful presence.

I’m looking forward to seeing what can come of this opportunity, thanks for your time and consideration.