Pylint on VSCode always redlines torch.<member>

This is probably duplicate - but I haven’t found an answer. Its not particularly important as torch works just fine but it bites my curiosity and bothers my OCD, what is it about the python torch module that pylint fails to traverse?

For some reason pylint redlines torch on some calls claiming that its members aren’t valid.

for example

import torch
torch.__version__ #ok
torch.cuda.is_available() #ok
a = torch.randn(3,32,32) #redlines torch in this call
b = torch.unsqueeze(a,0) #redlines torch in this call

alleged error reads [pylint] E1011: Module torch has no ‘unqueeze’ member

Ive seen this error since 0.3.0 and I still see it in the compilation of torch 1.0 from a few days ago.

I have the correct interpreter setup, I have pylint properly installed. Both torch and pylint with conda.

I only rarely recall having seen this with other project, none come to mind. Torchvision is fine.

Fix it or not, if anyone knows the answer id be curious to know. thanks.

pylint is also doing same stuff over here.