PyTorch 0.2.0_1 Freezes at nn.Conv2d()

I have problem about the latest PyTorch. For more details, refer to the Issue of PyTorch at pytorch/pytorch - GitHub. I wonder it is due to the latest Pytorch since the code has run correctly with pytorch 0.1.2.

If you need to know more about the test code which cause the freezing of PyTorch 0.2.0_1. Feel free to write an email to me. My email is

Do you have any ideas? Thank you!

it is because you have installed the CUDA 7.5 version i think (and you have a pascal GPU).
Install the CUDA 8.0 version of pytorch 0.2.0 using the commands from and see if that fixes it.

No. I have no CUDA and just run PyTorch on CPU.

After choose the following options of environment on Linux, pip, Python 2.7, No CUDA

The following command are given from and I use it to install Pytorch 0.2.0_1:
pip install

Is there any problem? Thank you.

I made a wrong description about this problem before. It should be pytorch 0.1.12, not pytorch 0.1.2

Recently, I test it again. The code run correctly with pytorch 0.1.12 but cause the freezing of PyTorch 0.2.0_1 and PyTorch 0.2.0_2 .