Pytorch 0.3.0 or 0.3.1 not available for windows now

Is it impossible to install version 0.3.0 or 0.3.1 of pytorch on Windows now?

I’m not entirely sure, but I think the official Windows support might have been added a bit later.
In any case, I would not recommend to install such an ancient PyTorch release and rather stick to the latest stable release 1.9.0 (or nightly). What’s your use case that you need this old version?

I try to run a model with source code in GitHub. Also, I try to deploy it in PyTorch 1.8.0, but “no module” error occurred.

Hi Shuai!

I was able to install and run pytorch 0.3.0 on windows 10. (My
motivation was to run pytorch on an old laptop gpu, and 0.3.0
was the newest version of pytorch I could find that was pre-built
with support for my old gpu.)

See this post from @ptrblck where he gives a link to some “legacy”
binaries built by @peterjc123 (but do read through the entire thread
for context):

Please be aware, however, that newer versions of pytorch are much
better – they have numerous new and improved features, bug fixes,
performance enhancements, etc. So you will encounter significant
disadvantages using an old version such as 0.3.0.

Good luck!

K. Frank

Thank you for sharing your installing experience!!! That’s great. I’ll try it later.