Pytorch 1.8 and rtx 3070

Should we except any performance changes from pytorch 1.8 Cuda 11.1 in comparison to pytorch 1.7.1 with Cuda 11?

And if not, what version of pytorch should give the most out of the new cards?


You shouldn’t expect a lot of changes for CNNs, as both versions ship with cudnn8.0.5.
Due to this issue we couldn’t use the cudnn8.1 release and are working on it. For the best performance on your 3070 you could build from source using the latest cudnn release.

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Hey @ptrblck,
Now that 1.8.1 is out, is the answer different?
Does it use cudnn 8.1?

No, it’s still using cudnn8.0.5, as 1.8.1 was a hot-fix release mainly for Kineto and we’ll revisit the issue with the now released cudnn8.2 version.

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@ptrblck Hey,
Now that pytorch 1.9, does it come with cudnn8.2? Will it use rtx 3070 full speed?

The binaries will not use it as described here, so you would have to build it from source.