Pytorch binary tensor

Thank you very much for reading my question . A newbie here sorry if my question isnt asked quite right

for example I have this image and want to convert it to binary tensor that only has 1s and 0s, I was just using

import torch
import numpy as np 
from PIL import Image
from torchvision import transforms
import torchvision.transforms.functional as fn

cc ="C:/Users/T/Desktop/circle.png")
cc = fn.resize(cc, size=[300,200])

tt = transforms.ToTensor()
gg = transforms.Grayscale()
circle_tensor = gg(tt(cc))
circle_np = circle_tensor[0].numpy()

and it becomes a tensor that has only 1 representing white and 0 representing black.

here is another example of a line ,

I was just wondering , instead of converting an image into a tensor ,

if I knew the geometric coordinates of the shape in the image . ie , the center of the circle and its radius , and for the line , the two ends points [x,y], [x1,y1] coordinates . can I create this binary tensor directly within pytorch.

ie through something like a for loop or more efficient method

zz = torch.zeros(300,200)

for x in range(zz.shape[0]):

and some for loop ? at the moment Im using drawing it as image first and convert in this way which doesnt feel quite right in my specific situation where I know the coordinates, 

Thank you very much for your time in reading and helping out.!

You could certainly reimplement these drawing functions, but if you don’t need to differentiate through them I would recommend to use already available and tested libraries such as OpenCV.

Here is a small example of drawing a circle and a line into a numpy array using OpenCV and then transforming this image to a tensor:

import cv2
import torch
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

# circle
# empty image
img = np.ones((100, 100))
# draw circle
c =, center=[50, 50], radius=10, color=0, thickness=-1, lineType=cv2.FILLED)

# line
c = cv2.line(img=c, pt1=[10, 10], pt2=[10, 80], color=0)

# visualize
plt.imshow(c, cmap="gray")

# transform to tensor
tensor = torch.from_numpy(c)


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hi, thank you very much for your time and effort in replying my question ! may I please also just shout out a thank you to the community and the pros with enough kindness to be willing to spend time n help out. you may have literally just saved few hours or even days of time of a newbie who doesnt even know what keyword to search on google. Thank you very much ! ps seen ur other answers in other posts b4, truly appreciate your kindness !!!

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