Pytorch c interface question

I want to know how can I visit each element in Tensor object in the c interface, such as the official example:

#include <THC/THC.h>

// this symbol will be resolved automatically from PyTorch libs
extern THCState *state;

int my_lib_add_forward_cuda(THCudaTensor *input1, THCudaTensor *input2,
THCudaTensor *output)
if (!THCudaTensor_isSameSizeAs(state, input1, input2))
return 0;
THCudaTensor_resizeAs(state, output, input1);
THCudaTensor_cadd(state, output, input1, 1.0, input2);
return 1;

int my_lib_add_backward_cuda(THCudaTensor *grad_output, THCudaTensor *grad_input)
THCudaTensor_resizeAs(state, grad_input, grad_output);
THCudaTensor_fill(state, grad_input, 1);
return 1;

if I want visit some element in the input tensor, what should i do?, like input[0][0] ,input->data ? I haven’t seen related docs,Thanks!

I’m not sure if this will work, but… try the following:

THCudaTensor_get2d(state, 0, 0)