PyTorch + CUDA 11.4

Hi all!

Does Pytorch supports CUDA 11.4 toolkit? Or could I build pytorch with cuda 11.4 support?

Yes, you can build PyTorch from source using all released CUDA versions between 10.2 and 11.5.

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For older verion pytorch, such as 1.1.0, is it possible to build from soure with CUDA 11.4?

We are not backporting new library support for old releases. The already released PyTorch versions are supporting the CUDA toolkits which were supported at that time.
With that being said, if no changes e.g. between CUDA 11.3 and 11.4 were needed, you might be able to use the newer CUDA toolkit, but there is no guarantee.

Pytorch for CUDA 11.4 can’t be build because MAGMA-CUDA114 is needed from pytorch :: but it does not exist. Is there any solution? I’m working in a VM with vGPU 13.1 that supports CUDA 11.4 and I can’t change the drivers because I’m not not admin.

MAGMA is not a requirement and PyTorch can be built with CUDA11.4.
You could try to either install MAGMA with CUDA11.3, 11.5, or build it from source, if needed.