Pytorch developer within Pl@ntNet (open-source project)

The team developing the Pl@ntNet project ( is looking for a post doc/data scientist with strong skills in python and pytorch development.
Pl@ntNet is a citizen observatory of plant biodiversity and a research platform at the crossroads of data science, ecology and artificial intelligence. The Pl@ntNet mobile application is used by tens of millions of users worldwide.

You will work mainly in the Montpellier Computer Science Laboratory (LIRMM) as a research engineer at Inria. Inria is a major player in computer science research worldwide; it is the managing organization of the Pl@ntNet consortium.
You will work in a quite unique environment at the forefront of digital technologies for biodiversity management. You will interact regularly with the engineers and developers of the Pl@ntNet platform as well as with the researchers and ecologists in charge of its management.

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