PyTorch Discord Server

Hey everyone!! Good evening!
The thing is, I created a server on Discord for the PyTorch community. On this server I thought we could have channels specific to each area that uses PyTorch.
If you all agree and show interest, I will configure the server and later I will post the server link here. Would it be a problem for me to disclose the server link here? @ptrblck @tom
What do you think?
Do you think it’s relevant?
Would you use it?

Best regards,

Matheus Santos.


I haven’t used Discord heavily in the past, but I assume it’s a voice and chat server?
I don’t think it would be a problem to disclose the server link here.
CC @jspisak in case you want ti chime in and give more ideas.

We already have a Slack, Dev-Discuss and the Discussion forums. Is there a reason we need another comms channel?

Because Discord works as a chat and there is the possibility of screen sharing in channels and so many people interact, I thought it would be another good way to interact, exchange knowledge and study for the community.
Anyway, is there any problem in disclosing the server here to anyone who wants to access?

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I was searching for pytorch discord server and saw your post. Would love to join if you already created one!


So do you mind leaving the invetation link for discord server ?

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I would like a link please

Sorry the delay to reply.
I gave up on creating the Pytorch server on discord.
As stated in one of the posts above, there is a Slack server related to Pytorch, so I gave up on making one on discord.

Best regards

Matheus Santos.

I was looking here, there is this one: PyTorch

I don’t know who created.

@mfcs Invite link is dead.

@jspisak AFAICS Discord seems to have won out as the goto community-tech in the ML-sphere. Many ML projects list a Discord (I’m in 15), whereas few list a Slack (I haven’t even installed Slack on my new mac; this is the first time I’m considering it).

EDIT: Turns out there’s quite a high bar-to-entry for the Slack – it’s “Advanced users only”. So I would have thought a Discord that’s more welcoming/open would be a great idea. It would end up running pretty much autonomously (these things do, given time) & it would be in PyTorch’s interests to improve their community presence. If you make it easy for ML peeps on Discord to one-click thru to a PyTorch Discord you’ll find PyTorch adoption rates over TF/Keras/… improving.

Hi, searching for a discord server for PyTorch brought me here. Is there a link? As @p-i mentioned, it looks like Slack is for advanced users and is invite only. Is there a community server?