Pytorch docs website really slow and lags computer

Title says it all.

When I type in e.g torch.nn.LSTM on google, I need to go to the torch.nn page, do ctrl+find LSTM, and finally get to it, somewhere in the middle of this massive torch.nn page.

Furthermore, it’s really laggy scrolling through it.

Also, following a tutorial on the pytorch website is also laggy.

Dell XPS 13, i7-8550u, 16gb ram…

Did you checked your internet speed?
I have 2 computers in my home(fast Internet) and office(slow Internet).
There’s no problem accessing Pytorch Docs website when I tried at home, but very slow in my office and even sometimes lose connection.
But however, It seems - Docs website is always slower than Discuss website(I think) cause I can access Discuss site in my office.

I have the same problem. This is a very slow website.

Blazing fast on my side :frowning: No clue