Pytorch for windows 11

Hello kind sir, Actually I can post only 1 time in embedded posts as per discourse guildlines as i’m new.
I’m actually new to pytorch here it says 11.3 is latest CUDA toolkit supported by pytorch

However this toolkit has only windows 10 compatability

Am I missing something? Which CUDA toolkit to install for your pytorch on windows 11 with GPU support.

@ptrblck can you please throw some shade on this? :slight_smile:

i have upgraded my windows 10 to 11 and cuda 11.0 is working for me. make sure you install the compatible PyTorch version which is think is 1.7 with cuda 11.0

I was in a similar situation. This worked for me:

conda install pytorch torchvision cudatoolkit=11.3 -c pytorch

This downloads the cudatoolkit 11.3 on the machine (this exists in conjunction with 11.6 on my PC) and recognizes my RTX 3070.

Note: If you already have installed a version of pytorch or torchvision, uninstalling it may help - it did in my case.