Pytorch Geometric - Can I save a data object to a file?

Well, that’s pretty much the question. I have generated a data object, and the functions that created it take about 1h to run. I’d like to save it to a file, but I can’t find anything in the docs about that.

If it’s possible, can someone post a snippet about how you can save and load a pytorch geometric data object from a file?

Could you link a reference to a “Geometric data object”?
If it’s just a tensor, you can use Otherwise we would need to see the implementation of this object.

Hi, here it is.

Thanks. I think should work.
Could you try it and report, if you are seeing any issues?

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I will try, thanks. Right now I’m having some other issues unfortunately. :frowning:

I have tried this and can validate that it works. Thank you