Pytorch Geometric Datasets

Hello everyone!
I need your help. I have two set of graph structured data, one from Open Graph Benchmark (OGB) and another created with from my own data . The data looks like:

Data(edge_index=[2, 88], edge_attr=[88, 3], x=[39, 9], y=[1, 1]) #OGB
Data(x=[23, 9], edge_index=[2, 48], edge_attr=[48, 2], y=[1]) #PyG

I am trying to use a framework developed using OGB functions, this doesn’t work with data created using PyG even though they are both Pytorch objects, the only difference is that the OGB dataset is an InMemoryDataset and the PyG one is a ‘Larger’ dataset (Creating Your Own Datasets — pytorch_geometric 2.0.4 documentation). Is there any way to fix this without having to change the source code?