Pytorch Geometric Temporal Graph ConvLSTM

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I recently started to use Graph NN, and still it is challenging for me.

I was following this tutorial: Traffic Forecasting with Pytorch Geometric Temporal - YouTube . Instead Attention Temporal Graph Convolutional, I want to use Graph ConvLSTM, however, I have trouble constructing it. I will appreciate a lot, if someone can help. Below is the code:

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Based on the error message it seems your input contains invalid indices which are used in the scatter_add_ operation.
In particular indices in [0, 19] are expected while your input contains at least an index of 20.

PS: you can post code snippets by wrapping them into three backticks ```, which makes debugging easier.

Thank you so much.
I was following this notebook in order to create the dataset: Google Colab.

In my example I have this result: Data(x=[24, 20, 6], edge_index=[2, 552], edge_attr=[552], y=[24, 6]), where 24 is number of nodes, 20 is node features, 6 is timesteps.

Do I need to create my dataset different way for Graph ConvLSTM?